Community & Global Impact

Hope Changes A City

Reaching Further Into Our City

The church was created to make a lasting difference in the community.

Core Community Church desires to make a difference in our community through multiple initiatives. Throughout the year, we want to serve our community through Community Impact Day, Whippet Weekender Packs, Community Summer Lunch Program, a strategic partnership with the Shelby Dream Center, and multiple efforts to help non-profits in our city and around the world. God has called us to be the hope of the world, and we can do that best by getting out and making an impact. We want to be known more for what we're FOR than what we're against... and we are FOR our city.

Hope Changes The World

Reaching Further Into Our World

We have built a strategic partnership with an organization called Children’s HopeChest, who has a presence in five countries around the world. We focus on community-to-community partnership. What does that mean? Our community partners with one specific community, called a CarePoint, in Guatemala. Core is partnered with a CarePoint called Puerta de Esperanza. This CarePoint focuses on education, development, nutrition, and medical expenses for children in a very high poverty area of Guatemala City. Presently, Core has 55 kids total who are available for sponsorship, most of which have been sponsored through the generosity of people. This partnership is about more than just child sponsorship, it is about relationship. We aren’t just sponsoring these children, we are adopting them into our Core family. The incredible part is we get an opportunity to travel at least 1 time per year to spend a week in Guatemala at Puerta de Esperanza with our children, their families, and the CarePoint staff.