At Core, we strive to provide an engaging service through live worship, relevant Biblical teaching, and other creative elements that help connect the dots. Our services are designed to be comfortable and non-threatening. No matter where you are in life, we want to help you encounter Jesus Christ. You’ll find a mixture of generations in attendance. Dress is casual, as we invite you to wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Normally, we strive to keep our services at around 70 minutes.


9:00AM & 10:45AM


We've started our 2024 by asking some of our biggest questions as it pertains to faith & God, and we thought there was no better plan than to keep that going - but this time to shift our focus to the place where the Christian faith is really centered... Jesus. Is He real? Did Jesus really do what we're supposed to believe He did? How do we know? Why do we follow? We're answering those questions together in our series, Investigating Jesus. We're kicking it all off on Sunday, February 18 thru Sunday, March 24. We believe this series, & the proof about Jesus, can change everything!

We want you to be a part of this powerful series leading us towards Easter! It's happening every Sunday @ 9:00a & 10:45a.


Easter is right around the corner. With Easter brings our exciting Easter Services at Core! Mark your calendars for 3 identical services on Easter weekend - March 30 @ 6:00p & March 31 @ 9:00a & 10:45a - for an incredible look at how something that happened over 2000 years ago still matters in our lives right now. Plus, we’ll have some exciting things happening throughout the building before & after all services.

We want you to be a part of Easter @ Core! Join us & invite some family or friends for Saturday, March 30 @ 6:00p or Sunday, March 31 @ 9:00a & 10:45a.


This Easter season, we are launching a brand-new immersive experience here at Core. Journey to the Cross will be a self-guided, multi-sensory experience that captures the Easter story & how Christ gave His hope & salvation to the entire world. We will be offering Journey to the Cross on March 24, 25, & 26 @ 5:30-8:00p. Come any day & time that is most convenient - as the experience will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. If you want an experience that will prepare your heart for the power of Good
Friday & Easter, this is the perfect opportunity. It is also a great experience to lead your family & kids through. Come prepare for Easter with us in a new & powerful way!

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Time + Location

Sundays @ 9:00am & 10:45am
18 Seneca Dr
Shelby, OH 44875

Hope For A City, Hope For The World

We LOVE our city. It is our city, our town, and our home. We feel that our city, and our church, are at their best when we partner together. We are for our city and are constantly pouring resources into it to help make it the best city around.

We believe the local church should have a global impact. Because of this, we partner with an amazing care point in Guatemala.

Connect With Us  –  419.342.6004
18 Seneca Dr
Shelby, OH 44875