Russell Cushman

Family Life Pastor


Russell grew up in Columbia, SC and has been looking for a town like Shelby for most of his adult life.  He is passionate about building community and supporting families and believes the local church should be a solution to many problems in a city. 

Russell holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Liberty University in Interdisciplinary Studies focusing on Religious Studies, Pastoral Ministry, and Business. He’s currently weighing going back for his Masters.   He’s been in some form of ministry since 2004, full-time since 2011.

He spends most of his time with his wife, Kelly and his black lab, Link. Russell, having been a foster kid, is passionate about foster care as is his wife Kelly, who knows way more about it than he does. They both will talk your ear off if you let them. 

On a Sunday you will probably find him goofing off with kids ages infant to eighteen, don’t judge him too harshly.  It’s part of his job. 

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