Let It Fly


Let It Fly Ben Carver - May 19, 2019 Message Description We're ready for an incredible weekend! This whole series is about living life towards the target, and there's no better representation of this than what we'll get to celebrate this weekend. Join [...]



Bullseye Ben Carver - May 12, 2019 Message Description Ever felt like things were off just a little? You can't explain it, but you just keep missing the mark in your marriage or with your kids. Maybe it's hard to even know what [...]



Abuse Ben Carver - April 28th, 2019 Message Description Easter was incredible! But we're not done yet. We've still got two big elephants to talk about. We're ready to keep it going as we continue our series "Elephants". If you were here on [...]



Poverty Ben Carver - April 7, 2019 Message Description Ever noticed how there are some things that are really difficult to talk about? It happens in our families, at our work, with our friends, & it most certainly happens in the church. And [...]

How #1


How #1 Ben Carver - March 10, 2019 Message Description What if I told you we've been missing something when it comes to this whole worship thing? What if these missing pieces could answer some of our questions? Let's talk about it as [...]