SCARS There are all sorts of things in life that wound us... poor choices, broken relationships, health issues, death, unfair circumstances, and tons of missteps along the way. Those wounds create scars that are a constant reminder of what we've been through, what we're going through, or what we will go through. [...]



Masquerade I love my job. My marriage is perfect. I don't struggle with any addiction. My kids are perfect. We've become so good at hiding the truth. In fact, we've been told we're SUPPOSED to put on the masks in every area of our life, to ensure all people see is the [...]



Flipped We all love to watch as things get flipped - houses, furniture, and even other people's lives. It's exciting to see things transform and be made new again! If we were to be really honest, there are probably a few things in our own lives that need some restoration as well. [...]