The Unsettling Solution To Just About Everything


The Unsettling Solution To Just About Everything Ready or not, Christmas is here! With these last few weeks until Christmas, and of 2019, we're talking about this unsettling solution for every relationship in our life. It was introduced on Christmas 2000 years ago, and is still needed this Christmas! [...]



Different There's just something about being different that scares us to death. From the time we were kids, being different never turned out well, and from that point forward, we've avoided it at all costs. But what if "different" in the right ways is where your best life is? [...]

Who Needs God


Who Needs God Ever thought about just giving up on God? Maybe you're already there, and you've called it quits. There's just too much stacked against this whole Christianity thing. What if we told you there was some important stuff still to uncover that might change your mind? Join us as we [...]



ARROWS Ever felt like things were off just a little? You can't explain it, but you just keep missing the mark in your marriage or with your kids. Maybe it's hard to even know what the target is anymore. We get it, and we're ready to talk about it as we kick-off [...]



ELEPHANTS Ever noticed how there are some things that are really difficult to talk about? It happens in our families, at our work, with our friends, & it most certainly happens in the church. And because things are difficult to talk about, we find ourselves constantly dancing around or avoiding those topics. [...]